Jewelry Insurance Options

Gemshield DD

D&D Jewelry has partnered with GemShield® to make it quick and easy to protect your jewelry against loss or damage

GemShield’s insurance is designed to protect against risks specific to jewelry

Most other insurance isn't!

Jewelry-specific insurance is more extensive than a warranty and often broader than a homeowner’s or renter’s policy


Comprehensive, Worldwide Coverage
Your ring goes missing. Perhaps you left it at the hotel while you were rushing to catch your flight or it was stolen from your apartment. Or you damaged it by snagging a prong on your clothes. Don't worry, your jewelry is Covered. Coverage is worldwide, so you can feel free to travel and wear your jewelry with confidence.
CheckmarkAutomatic Coverage for New Jewelry
Any new jewelry you purchase while insured through GemShield receives limited coverage for up to 30 days. And it can be easily added to your policy for full coverage.
CheckmarkRepair or Replacement of like Kind & Quality
Repair or replace your jewelry to the same state it was before being damaged, lost, or stolen. Repair or replace brand name jewelry with the same brand name, not a cheaper substitute.


Protection against Loss, Theft, Damage, and  Disappearance
“All risk” policy that covers loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance/unexplained loss – everything unless it is expressly excluded.
CheckmarkPremium, Deductibles, and maximum coverage
Premiums are typically 1-2% of jewelry value. Deductible options from $0 to $1,000. Automatic coverage up to $35,000 on any one jewelry item. Items valued over $35,000 require prior approval to bind coverage.
CheckmarkAvoid extra costs for adding jewelry to your homeowner's policy
A jewelry claim could impact your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage. By removing jewelry from a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, you protect your insurability and avoid a related increase in premium should a loss occur.



Insuring your jewelry with GemShield® is easy and fast (follow below steps):

  • Buy your jewelry from D&D Jewelry. Keep the receipt.
  • Get a quote in under a minute using the online quote tool at
  • Apply for coverage online in less than 10 minutes.
  • Receive approval electronically, quickly, and simply.
  • Or, call one of Gemshield's expert agents at 866-207-9428 to learn more, get a quote, or purchase coverage.



BriteCo Plus DD

To provide you with an alternative:

D&D Jewelry has also partnered with BriteCo to make it quick and easy to protect your jewelry & watches against loss or damage

BriteCo’s insurance is designed to protect against risks specific to jewelry

BriteCo provides you with an instant quote and immediate coverage at a competitive price + you get the convenience of an online account to access your coverage details

Instant quote and an online account
Instant quote and immediate coverage at a competitive price, plus you get the convenience of an online account to access appraisals and coverage details.
Yearly auto-update of insurance value
Automatic insurance value updates every year, so you're never under-insured. No need to call agents and carriers to update your coverage.
Special discounts
One of the questions in the BriteCo online insurance application asks whether you store your jewelry in a safe and whether you have a home burglar alarm system. If you do, your premium is calculated with discounts for these conditions, reducing your total premium cost.
Yearly auto-update of insurance value
Premiums typically are 1-2% of jewelry value. BriteCo jewelry and watch insurance policies are currently limited to $150,000 per individual customer and up to $50,000 per individual item of jewelry or watch. For policies over $100,000, guidelines require a home-safe and central station burglar alarm. There is no deductible on the vast majority of BriteCo insurance policies, however, for those items that may not be easily replaced, such as heirloom jewelry or other classic watches, BriteCo offers what is called "Agreed Value" insurance policies; these are policies that will pay out an agreed dollar amount should a claim ever be made and typically include a deductible amount.
Adding items to an existing BriteCo policy
To add an item to your policy, you first must request an appraisal from D&D Jewelry, and once D&D Jewelry issues the appraisal, you'll receive an email or text message with a custom insurance quote and link. Simply click the link and follow the instructions to add coverage for the item.  This will automatically add your new piece to your existing policy.
Full replacement value
You get full replacement coverage upon all types of loss. Warranties and homeowners policies typically don’t cover things such as loss, theft, or mysterious disappearances. Jewelry warranties and homeowners policies are very limited in what is covered; for instance, many warranties won’t cover your jewelry for accidental damage, theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance. Additionally, extended warranties can typically deny coverage for a multitude of reasons.



Insuring your jewelry with BriteCo is easy and fast (follow below steps):

  •  Buy your jewelry from D&D Jewelry. BriteCo does not sell insurance directly to customers without first getting an appraisal through our partner, D&D Jewelry.
  •  Once you get an appraisal from D&D Jewelry (which is done using the BriteCo Appraisal Management Platform), you will receive a text or an email directly from BriteCo with a custom insurance quote.
  •  Clicking the link in the message will take you to BriteCo's online insurance application. Simply follow the instructions on an app; answer a few questions, review the final quote for your policy, and provide payment via credit or debit card.
  •  Your jewelry piece will then be covered in a matter of a few minutes.
  •  You can visit BriteCo for more details.


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