Removing Stuck Rings

At times you may get somewhat over-enthusiastic, forcing a finger into a ring that later doesn’t want to come off! If you ever encounter those situations, a little hand sanitizer usually helps -- It is more skin friendly than Windex (who ever thought of that one), and will evaporate without staining prongs and gems the way lotion or Vaseline does.

But what about rings that won’t come off due to fluctuating weight, enlarged joints, or injury-related swelling? Even if you don’t mind not being able to remove your rings, you risk running into trouble if a medical situation requires an MRI or a CT scan (it is kind of like putting metal in a microwave oven). The following nondestructive methods can work when soft tissue is the problem:

  • Start reducing the swelling by "elevating the hand over the head and applying an ice pack". This can take around 20 minutes to have an effect, so try being patient, exchanging ice packs as needed, and support the arm by semi-reclining in a comfortable chair. When the finger has contracted a bit, slowly "twist & pull" (i.e. twist back and forth while pulling at the same time) the ring over some lubricant.


  • If elevating hand did not work, try the finger-binding method; it is usually done with dental floss (click for a video demonstration) which is fairly easy to pass under the ring. As an alternative to dental floss, you can use an elastic oxygen mask strap (here is the video demonstration) which seems to be the safest way to go. Watch the videos and practice!


We are going to get into more desperate measures of removing the ring, because despite above recommendations, it's still stuck -- Now, when enlarged joints prevent rings from being removed, or the finger just won’t contract enough, damaging the ring to remove it is inevitable. Some materials that can’t be cut, must be cracked. Rings made of materials such as tungsten carbide, and ceramic can be cracked using long-nosed or medium-sized vise-grip locking pliers. Such extreme measures will require visiting a jeweler who is experienced with using such ring cutting/breaking tools. We have experience in removing stuck rings and have the correct tools for the job, so feel free to stop by our store if you ever need this service.

Once you have rescued the finger, give your finger a rest for a while to heal.

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