Heading Into Winter with Vibrant Colors

Winter Jewelry

Winter can mean very different things to people in different locations, but for those of you heading into colder, cooler, or even just greyer weather – get ready to augment your holiday gift recommendations with some winter wardrobe accessorizing advice. Because a truly stylish fashionista still needs her jewelry even when she is bundled-up for warmth in layers of winter clothes!


Here are 6 tips for jewels that complement and accommodate for winter garb:

  • Big instead of stacked: Don’t risk losing one or more of your favorite slender rings while hands are frequently going in & out of gloves and pockets. One or two bold rings is the safer bet because you can feel them move around. A pop of color and striking facets or finishes will most likely be noticed & admired.

          Amethyst & Diamond Ring                                                  14k Two-Tone Gold Spiral Ring                                                  Onyx Ring

  • Stand-Out-Studs: In addition to those hats and earmuffs, many women wear their hair down to keep their ears toasty. Hooks & dangles can get hooked or tangled (we're in rhym-zone now!) – play it safe with glamorous studs or earlobe hugging hoops with extra width and light-catching luster.

          Golden Drusy Bold Earrings                                                   14k Gold Onyx Earrings                                                       14k Gold J-Hoop Earrings

  • Go Long instead of layered: The dainty charm necklaces and graduated chains that look so sweet with sundresses will get lost among sweaters, layered tops, and turtlenecks. Opt for longer chains with larger, focal point pendants.

         Turquoise Pendant                                                   Two Tone Textured Tree Pendant                                                    Onyx Pendant

  • Clink-y instead of sleek: Bracelets need to pack a punch to be worn and stand out over long sleeves, but the high-polished solid cuffs favored for bare wrists can feel cumbersome in winter. Oversized but lighter weight links make a good contrast to ribbed or textured sleeves, and they’ll still slide nicely into coat and jacket sleeves.

          Textured Link Bracelet                                                Onyx Bracelet                                                   14k Rose Gold Fancy Links Bracelet  

  • Bring on the Brooches: Pins are made for coat lapels, hats and concealing the top button of classic sweater sets. From dress-up to casual, demure to funky – pins are perfect for creating a polished and personalized look.

          Green Spinel Enamel Swan Slide and Pin                                             Filigree Heart Pin                                                 Monogram Pin

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