Ring Resizing

Our Goldsmiths at D&D Jewelry in Walnut Creek, CA, take pleasure in the quality of their service, which includes not only the personalized treatment you will receive when you walk in the door, but also the outstanding services provided by our trusted goldsmiths, watchmakers, engravers, and jewelers.

To determine your ring size, we suggest coming to see us for an exact measure of your finger. To properly determine your finger size, we take several factors into consideration, such as the size and shape of the ring, which finger you will wear the ring on, the size and shape of your finger, and the size and shape of your knuckle.

If you are trying to determine the size of someone’s finger you can use the two options below. Please note that this is only a guide and estimate. D&D Jewelry in Walnut Creek CA is not responsible for any sizing issues if the size is dictated to us purely based on the options in the following document.

Download and Print the Ring Sizer (PDF document)


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