• The Picture Perfect Collection Personalized Jewelry
  • Hand Crafted all made in the USA
  • State of the art facility and equipment
  • Finest raw materials used consistently
  • Proprietary process yielding highest quality photo enameling & engraving
  • Color, as well as black & white pictures, fingerprints, hand written notes and signatures
  • If desired, pictures can be merged to look as one, or cropped (please specify with detailed instructions when ordering)
  • All jewelry are waterproof (coated for water submersion), and can be worn at all times
  • Shipment within 3-4 business days
  • All personalized or customized items are non-returnable, thus this collection falls into this category
The Picture Perfect Collection  is made in USA and features customized image imprint jewelry. Our products are all Handcrafted and Laser Enameled; combining a labor-intensive artistic handcrafting process with state-of-the-art technology. Our Laser Enamel process is the best in the industry. Laser Enamel can be done in color or black & white. Engraving is done with the best and most up-to-date Laser machinery in the industry. Laser Engraving can only be done in black & white. We can transpose your desired color picture (as well as black & white), fingerprint, signature, and handwritten note, with high quality precision onto jewelry pieces. A gift that is handcrafted and uniquely tailored for the recipient carries with it a special message, "I made this especially for you".

D&D Jewelry Walnut Creek CA