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Lolovivi's passion is creating jewelry that is innovative, exquisitely designed, expertly crafted and that has meaning and power beyond its outer beauty. Lolovivi's eclectic, collectible capsule jewelry wardrobe is designed so you can express your true self -- we strive to make jewelry that is confidently open-minded and that makes everyone feel beautiful just the way they are.   All Lolovivi's jewelry carries the signature motif of two interlocking hearts, representing the love we all feel for the people in our lives and our dedication to creating a more loving world. We hope that Lolovivi inspires people to further appreciate their own individuality and embrace each other's uniqueness and differences.   To further our mission of creating a world that is United in Love, a portion of every sale from Lolovivi's brand is donated to organizations working to create a world where all are included and accepted -- we are confident that you'll wear your Lolovivi jewelry because it is stunning, and we hope you will share our passion with your circle of friends.